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I almost died at this one

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From A Series of Unfortunate Events DVD commentary track.

if you haven’t watched this film with the commentary then you are missing out, it’s hilarious. “Lemony Snicket” was completely unhappy with the film and wanted no real part of it and so in the commentary he just fucks about. Seriously, at one point he gets out an accordion and drowns out the director with his playing

"nearly all of my life"

Lemony Snicket sass is what I aspire to in life.

"Lemony Snicket" (Dan Handler) was asked if he liked the movie.

He said “I love the movie as much as someone who wrote 8 drafts of a movie before being fired from his own creation could possibly be.”

The man’s life is sarcasm and it’s beautiful.

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Australian Photoset #17

Want to see more?

Canadian Photoset #16

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Ron always just fucking knows

If you remember, Ron was always weirdly good with Divination. Whenever he’d joke about a possible outcome, it would eventually happen in some roundabout way!

There’s actually a whole point about this in these Harry Potter analysis books I used to read obsessively. Two of their cardinal rules of HP foreshadowing are “Hermione is always right, except when she’s emotional” and “Ron is always wrong, except when he’s joking”. This actually plays out pretty frequently in the series if you look for it!

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"hi" on the left

"bye" on the right

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Behave, Mike!

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"You are enough. You are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are."

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why do spiders though???

what gives them the right? who do they think they are???

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Cher, Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder in a promotional still for Mermaids, 1990.

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p: so i’m going to give you a chance to save her. apologize. say that you’re sorry for decimating my family, for leaving me burned and broken for six years. say it - and i’ll let her live.
k: i’m sorry.

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Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child

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